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I am a Scientist, Experimentation is What I Do

vexen, the chilly academic

The Chilly Academic ☣ Vexen
frozen in time ☄
“a brilliant scientist with dominion over ice...
and a personality to match.”
Name: Vexen
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Male
Race: Nobody

Vexen is a member of Organization XIII, ranked number IV. He is one of the original six members of the Organization, which formed when the six apprentices of Ansem the Wise lost their hearts to their deadly experiments. Vexen continued scientific activities after the Organization was formed. Because of his fixation science and experiments, he spends very little time doing missions, therefore has the lowest chair position in the Room Where Nothing Gathers. He controls the element of Ice, and has many abilities revolving around it.

Despite the fact that Nobodies cannot feel emotions, Vexen draws from what he remembers as a complete being. He is very easy to anger, and tends to be irritable on most occasions. If he has a complaint, you will definitely hear of it. He also has a large ego, thinking lower of those he deems less intelligent than him. He will never miss a chance to flaunt his intelligence and prowess. Although numerical rank does not matter in the Organization, he takes it seriously, pulling rank whenever he can. He hates getting his hands dirty, and will avoid every dangerous mission, should he be given the chance. His motives are set solely on scientific study.

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